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Slaughter is the best Medicine
Knives and Lint

This is a blog dedicated to the infamous Clown Prince of Crime and his leading lady, Miss Harley Quinn.

Other notorious Gotham villains might make appearances as well.

I own nothing and the sources are always listed (when available).

Feel free to ask or submit at any time!


Art by Jerry Ordway (pencils/inks) & Steve Oliff (colors)
Words by Dennis O’Neil 

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The Joker by Sebastian Ciaffaglione

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My partner!?
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Something like that happened to me, you know. I…I’m not exactly sure what it was. Sometimes I remember it one way, sometimes another…

If I’m going to have a past, I prefer it to be multiple choice! Ha ha ha! 

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The Joker Halloween

Batman villain every week until Halloween. This week: The Joker, inspired by the works of Tim Sale.

Hey everyone! Check out this awesome art 

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Harley Quinn and Joker by *Riccardo-Fasoli

I don’t like to post unsourced art, but a friend sent this to me and I had to share. If anyone’s got a link to the source or the artist, please add.

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